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Hackers Agree; Stealing Data is as Easy as Ever

Hackers Agree; Stealing Data is as Easy as Ever

By Stormi O’Donnell SecureWorld Media Source: Secure World

Lance Hayden, PhD, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group, on Assessing Your Security Culture

Source: Secure World

Fast But Safe – Researchers Break Homomorphic Encryption Speed Barrier

Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence CryptoNets, researchers at Microsoft announced that they, in partnership with academia, have dramatically increased the speed of homomorphic encryption systems. With a standard encryption system, data is scrambled and then decrypted when it needs to be processed, leaving it vulnerable to theft. Homomorphic encryption allows software to analyze […]

91,000 Clients Impacted in Washington State's Medicaid Data Breach

Officials reported that more than 91,000 people enrolled in the state of Washington’s Apple Health Medicaid program are being notified that their medical records may have been handled improperly. Source: Secure World

Obama Signs Executive Order to Create Federal Privacy Council

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama signed an executive order setting up the Federal Privacy Council, an interagency group that will share best practices and develop new training for employees across the federal enterprise. First announced at the Federal Privacy Summit in December, the council will fall under the umbrella of the Office of Management and […]

3-Million Brits Switch Service Providers After Data Breaches

If you don’t think data breaches negativelty affect companies, then look no further than to a recent United Kingdom survey. According to research from Privitar, three million Brits have changed service providers as a direct result of data breaches. Infosecurity Magazine Reports Source: Secure World

John McAfee: 75% of All Email Passwords For Sale

Following the leak of personal information from 20,000 FBI employees and 9,000 Department of Homeland Security Employees, John McAfee is sending a strong warning. In a blog post McAfee warns that an email hack can destory our digital world and won’t even see it coming. IBTimes Reports Source: Secure World

VTech Says It Is Not Liable for Hacks

Although toy company VTech’s app store and learning portal was back online last week after being shut down for more than two months following a data breach that exposed the personal data of more than 6 million children, the company appears to be deflecting the blame to its own customers in the event of a […]

Skimmers Hijack ATM Network Cables

Skimmers Hijack ATM Network Cables

If you have ever walked up to an ATM to withdraw cash only to decide against it after noticing a telephone or ethernet cord snaking from behind the machine to a jack in the wall, your paranoia may not have been misplaced: ATM maker NCR is warning about skimming attacks that involve keypad overlays, hidden cameras and […]

France Orders Facebook to Stop Tracking People

The French data protection authority has had enough of Facebook tracking users. The authority issed a formal notice to Facebook to comply with the French Data Protection Act within three months. Under the act, Facebook is not legally allowed to track web browsing habits. The Hacker News Reports French ruled that many big U.S technology companies including Facebook […]