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FBI Seeking Millions to Break Encryption

On the heels of President Obama’s new cybersecurity plan, the FBI is requesting $38 million in order to break encryption. The money would be in addition to $31 million that is already being spent on the initiative. ZD Net Reports Source: Secure World

New Member Monday Perks at The Interval

New Member Monday Perks at The Interval

We’re happy to announce that starting this week, Long Now Members may reserve the private room at The Interval for 1-2 hrs on Mondays with no bar minimum! The Interval is a great venue to host a meeting, reception or event. Our private room fits up to 10 people.  Reservation requests will be filled on a first come, first served […]

Underage Hacker Arrested in Government Breach

The FBI and British police believe they’ve arrested hacker responsible for several high profile hacks, including this weeks leak of FBI an Homeland Security information. They believe the teenaged cyber criminal is the center of the group “Crackas with Attitude.” The hacker goes by “Cracka” online, although his real name is not being released due to […]

Mobile Banking Customer Loses Life Savings to Hackers

‘Smishing’ is the new phishing. Criminals are now using phishing attacks to go after mobile banking customers through SMS. This is apparently becoming such a problem in the UK, that one man lost his entire life savings. The scam involves criminals impersonating banks through text messaging, then tricking them into downloading malware. Information Age Reports Source: Secure World

Welcome to the Black Market of Netflix Accounts

Welcome to the Black Market of Netflix Accounts

By Stormi O’Donnell SecureWorld Media Almost everyone uses Netflix, and hackers are cashing in. We’ve all heard of hackers using phishing techniques and malware to gain Netflix information, but now cybercriminals are even opening up their own stores using the information. Source: Secure World

SecureWorld Charlotte: Helping to Keep Information Out of Hackers' Hands

Do you do your banking on your smartphone? Chances are the answer is, “yes.” More and more, smartphones are becoming our personal data centers, responsible for numerous functions such as email, Internet searches, GPS queries, calendars, reminders, games and, of course, communciation. Your phone is a treasure trove of information and hackers are doing everything […]

Love is in the Air; Hackers Expose Flaw in Tinder App For Free Services

Hackers, assumingly looking for love, have exposed a flaw in the Tinder Application that allows for free premium services. Apparently hackers have found a way to tear apart the app’s software and rebuild it so they can get premium content for free. Tinder doesn’t seem too concerned with the flaw, claiming that such a hack would be very hard to […]

Another Day, Another IRS Security Breach

Another Day, Another IRS Security Breach

By Stormi O’Donnell SecureWorld Media Tags:  IRS Security Breach Identity Theft Source: Secure World

Celebrating Women and Girls In STEM

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution which designates Feb. 11 as a day to celebrate women’s accomplishments in the sciences in order to inspire participation and further achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Source: Secure World

Hackers Offering Big Bucks to Apple Employees for Login Information

It appears that hackers are doing everything in their power to gain access to Apple data. Apprently, cyber criminals are trying to bribe Apple employees in Ireland with upwards of $20,000  in exchange for company login information. Business Insider Reports Hackers are offering Apple employees thousands of euros for their company login details, according to someone […]

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