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'False hope' driving crude oil rally?

Analysts and market watchers say there is little chance OPEC and nonmembers will agree to cuts. Source: CNBC Clean Energy

Oil stock dividends to drop by $12B: Markit

An extended trough in oil prices will see large energy firms slash payouts by a total of $12 billion this year, Markit warns. Source: CNBC Clean Energy

Russia warns of 'permanent war' in Syria

Russia's prime minister has warned of a "permanent war" starting in Syria if foreign troops are sent into the civil war-torn country. Source: CNBC Clean Energy

Interview: CGSRS’ Hirah Azhar on the Syria Civil War

  Geopoliticalmonitor sits down with Hirah Azhar from the Centre for Geopolitics Security in Realism Studies (CGSRS) to discuss the Syria civil war.   What are the prospects of the current UN-brokered peace talks? Despite the UN’s claims that the talks have been merely ‘paused’ (they are scheduled to resume on February 25), the negotiations […]

US crude prices jump 4% from 12-year lows

U.S. crude bounced away from 12-year lows early on Friday after comments by an OPEC energy minister sparked hopes of a coordinated production cut. Source: CNBC Clean Energy

[This Week in Science] Bringing atopic dermatitis up to scratch

Author: Angela Colmone Source: Science Mag

[Report] Broadly targeted CD8+ T cell responses restricted by major histocompatibility complex E

Major histocompatibility complex E (MHC-E) is a highly conserved, ubiquitously expressed, nonclassical MHC class Ib molecule with limited polymorphism that is primarily involved in the regulation of natural killer (NK) cells. We found that vaccinating rhesus macaques with rhesus cytomegalovirus vectors in which genes Rh157.5 and Rh157.4 are deleted results in MHC-E–restricted presentation of highly […]

[Editors' Choice] PCBs are still a problem for some marine life

Author: Sacha Vignieri Source: Science Mag

[This Week in Science] Quantitative analysis of epigenetic memory

Author: L. Bryan Ray Source: Science Mag

[In Depth] Triumph for gravitational wave hunt

More than a billion years ago, two black holes—the gravitational ghosts of gigantic stars—spiraled together and collided in space. Ripples in spacetime swept through the universe. Five months ago, they washed past Earth, and physicists detected gravitational waves for the first time. The long-awaited discovery—announced this week—marks a triumph for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory […]

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