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'Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz': A wrecking ball in need of a target

Here, in a nutshell, is the implicit marketing push behind “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz”: With 23 songs full of F-bombs, strange sounds and enthusiastic references to weed, this album is totally crazy – and what makes it even crazier is that it’s by Miley Cyrus, the former Disney Channel star. Source: LA Times

Glacier hike and fjords tour: Obama opts for optics to show reality of climate change

As President Obama makes his biggest sustained public push yet on fighting climate change, he and top aides seem to be realizing that they need their own theatrics. Source: LA Times

Home of the Day: Spanish Colonial Revival elegance in Little Holmby

On the market for the first time in 43 years, this Spanish Colonial Revival-style residence in Little Holmby retains its classic good looks with bright tile, wrought iron work and a grand living room with an elegant fireplace. Beamed ceilings, period light fixtures and arched doors and windows… Source: LA Times

L.A. can't fill all its potholes, but it wants the Olympics. That's insane.

To the editor: I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore, but I still have an affinity for the city where I grew up, so I have to ask: Did anyone see the irony or humor in the juxtaposition of the headlines on Sunday’s front page? (“Inequity is ‘baked in’ when it comes to L.A. city […]

San Bernardino DA to say if deputies will face charges in televised beating

San Bernardino County prosecutors are expected to announce Tuesday whether they will file criminal charges against several deputies involved in the televised beating of a man who in April led them on a nearly three-hour pursuit by car and horseback in the High Desert near Apple Valley.   Source: LA Times

Don't take away retired cops' concealed guns

To the editor: The Times believes that retired police officers should not be exempt from laws restricting firearms possession at schools. California law allows an honorably retired peace officer to carry a concealed weapon with the approval of the officer’s agency from which he retired. Concealed-carry… Source: LA Times

How the new $95,000 hepatitis C drug is really a bargain

To the editor: Regarding the exorbitant price of Harvoni, the new hepatitis C drug, David Lazarus writes that it costs $95,000 for a course of treatment. This is misleading. (“Here’s why drugmakers are held in low esteem,” column, Aug. 28) Source: LA Times

Kanye West adds second '808s & Heartbreak' show at Hollywood Bowl

A few days after would-be President Kanye West announced he was dipping into his back catalog to perform his 2008 album “808s & Heartbreak” at the Hollywood Bowl, the rapper-provocateur has added a second show. In addition to the Sept. 25 set, West will do it again the next night. Source: LA Times

Don't build a new county jail until reforms are in place first

To the editor: Bad jails will get less bad, less crowded and safer if Los Angeles County starts using long-standing strategies to reduce the inmate population while it develops experience with the reductions and diversions being newly considered. Then it will know what facilities we need. (“Men’s… Source: LA Times

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